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About Us

Creations Band

We are a recording band based in Kampala-Uganda known for captivating music performances, medadvice poetic and thought-provoking songs on social-cultural, economic, political and spiritual themes. You will enjoy our songs which are a blend of various styles especially zouk and reggae with great approach to song composition blending local languages and English. We also offer inspirational talks and literature.





Where Do you find our services ?

You can get our services on Weddings ,Music festivals/Concerts
Other public events (Partnerships with groups/institutions like Churches, Corporate Organizations, Academic Institutions etc.)





We always think of new alternative and cost-effective ways of doing things knowing that this is the true art of progress, memorable entertainment and inspiration.






We believe that God has gifted each one of us with different talents, skills and abilities to serve Him and our neighbors. This is the primary call for everyone to discover and put to use.






Every little step in achievement is worth celebrating. Celebration recruits the mind into the culture of achievement. That’s why we’ll always be there to inspire and entertain you in your celebrations.






We understand that we cannot achieve alone. We are open to crafting agreeable terms of working with others to deliver our plans and promise to customers.



Packages & Offers

Check out our promotional offers and packages here


Comprehensive package
Live Band Music & Entertainment (with Joseph Israel)
High quality sound system with professional DJ
Group facilitation or inspirational talk/MC for one day
Per Day



Live band music and entertainment
Live Band Music & Entertainment (with Joseph Israel)
High quality sound system with professional DJ
Per Day



High quality Sound or P/A system
All your sound needs taken care of for the whole day
Per Day




Why This Platform ?

Who Needs Us ?

we created this site as a platform on which we can engage with our audiences by capturing share our inspirational music, talks and other activities to the world.
If you like getting inspired by music, talks or literature/books that will challenge your mind to explore into unchartered ways of doing things i.e. your business, your relationships with people and God, you are at home. Just navigate various pages on our site to get your preference.


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